Roman Finds Group Grants

A series of small grants are available from the Roman Finds Group to all fully paid-up members. The annual grant cycle will run from January 1st. Applications may be made at any time, but they will be reviewed and assessed on 1st April, 1st September and 1st December. The RFG has a target annual grant fund of £1,000, although this will be reviewed each year in light of available funds and demand.

Grants will be awarded against any area of the Group’s objectives (to promote the study, research, publication, teaching and conservation of the material culture of Roman Britain) but applications must be very clear as to which of these objectives are being applied. RFG does not see its role to commission research and therefore grants will not normally be awarded to pay for applicant’s time.

There is no specific application form, but the following details are essential:

  • Name, address and institution (where applicable) including email address.
  • Date of application – we will normally provide assessments and awards of applications within a six week period.
  • Amount requested, other grants applied for and total amount of project. It will not be normal for RFG to fund an individual project to 100%
  • Details of the project and how it will meet the objectives of the Roman Finds Group
  • If it is a project leading to a publication where is the intended publication? Priority will be given to contributions for Lucerna.
  • Confirmation of RFG membership and year of joining (will be checked!)
  • A short citation from at least one referee (who does not need to be a member of RFG)

All applications will be evaluated by a sub group of three members of the RFG Committee. The committee reserves the right to seek further referee opinion and further information where it feels appropriate. The decision of the grant application ‘subcommittee’ (Stephen Greep, Nicola Hembrey and Sally Worrell) will be final.

Applications should be sent to the chairman of the grants sub group Stephen Greep (


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